Did you know?


Dust mites are EVERYWHERE.  But they themselves are not the real problem...  Nope, the problem is A LOT more gross!  The cause of sneezing, watery eyes, and other allergic reactions to dust is not cause by the mites.  It is caused by their fecal matter.  Yum.


In case you aren't sufficiently horrified, check out this great video, which gets up close an personal with these critters.


Worse still, these guys are infesting your mattress and pillows, which means your probably breathing in countless of these allergens every time you lay down to try and catch your zzz's.


What to do?  Well, ask scientists - they're the ones who told us about this in the first place!  According to scientific research referenced here, mircrofiber sheets can keep mites and their deposits away from you and your lungs.  But here's the key...  The fibers have got to be tightly packed, so that the mites can't crawl through the holes in the weave.


Nestl Bedding's microfiber sheet sets pack a whopping 1600 threads per square inch!  That's a lot of threads, all packed together in very tight weave, protecting you and yours.


But there's more.  The superior materials and double brushing technology of our sheets combine for a soft, luxurious feel that you can't imagine until you try it for yourself.  Give it a shot- Please check out our full line of high quality, super soft sheet sets right here.  Your lungs - AND your skin - will feel the difference!